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 Business Logo Mugs - Personalized

Law offices, Real Estate Closings, Breakrooms, Churches, Donor Recognition, Volunteer Recognition.  Your Logo or message with their name too if you like.

Something really nice for the crew?  How about the company logo sandblasted on a mug with their name on it?  No mixed up mugs in the cold and flu season.  No fading image as with printed mugs.  A unique and satisfying texture and reasonably priced too!  Could be a great way to say thanks to business contacts and resources.

Call me and lets talk about your ideas.
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 Your Business, Organization, Event, or Group identity reinforced

Just Arrived!

Tacoma Latte 16 oz Cups and Saucers
Cups available in Ocean Blue and Hunter Green
Saucers available in Ocean Blue, Hunter Green and Lemon

C-Handle Mug 11 oz

Available Colors:  Plum, Christmas (red out,white rim, green in), Maroon, Cobalt Blue, Watermelon (green out, white rim, red in), Orange out + cobalt blue in

Canaveral 10 oz

Available Colors:  Baby Boy Blue,
Baby Girl Pink

Cancun 13.5 oz

Available Colors:  Ocean Blue, Cobalt Blue

El Grande 15 oz

Available Colors:

Solid Colors:  Ocean, Cobalt Blue

Marbleized:  Green, Maroon, Black, Blue, Grey

Flower Pot Mug 14 oz

Available in:  Green

Sandusky Coaster Mug 15 oz

Available Colors:  Cobalt Blue, Black

Saint Paul Bistro 16 oz

Available Colors:  Black, Maroon, Green, Grey, Speckled Purple

Coming soon!  This US made in Democrat Blue

Coming Soon!  This US Made in Republican Red

Coming Soon!  This US Made pouched Tea Mug.  Finally a good place to put the tea bag!

Glaze Reference:  Colors will appear differently on various monitors and in different light.  If in doubt please call.  Not all mugs are offered in all colors.  Please check next to the cup of your choice to see colors on hand.  If you are contemplating larger orders you can reference the Glaze Charts to check availability.

Glaze Reference for marbleized glazes.

This Stein is heavy!  2 pounds and 10 oz and it holds 3 cups or 24 oz!  7" tall and over 3 1/2" in diameter.  Keep it ready in the freezer and when you are ready for something cold it will be!  A family favorite is the root-byes beer float, so cold it turns the root-beer slushy.  Hate a warm beer?  This will solve that problem.

The Nordic 13oz glass mug is the clear choice when there is nothing to hide!

The Montego Goblet stemware 10.5 oz

The Montego Wine stemware 8.5 oz

The Nuance Flute is 5.75 oz

The Pilsner 12oz the perfect glass for the perfect brew!

The Sterling Double Old Fashioned holds 10.5 oz.  It is a substantial, elegantly formed piece of bar-ware.

Ash Trays - 1 1/2" deep by 4 1/2" diameter black
The graphic shown is only one of hundreds.