It's a family business

This is a family business. My daughter is an artist specializing in fantasy art.  I am the son of a scientist, I test processes and methods.  My son is very hands on and quality oriented.  My wife is making sure the records are kept up.  It makes a good team.

 Contact Us

Blasted Mugs
Ray Krueger
327 Maple St.
Saint Paul, MN  55106-5132
651-776-3750 voice * 651-771-7399 Fax * ray.krueger skype

We check our email and answering machine regularly.  We know nobody likes to wait so we are committed to getting back to you quickly!

 Attention Artists!

We are always looking for artists.  We pay royalties to artists for each item each time we use their art.  We believe this is a far superior plan to using clip art.  It is desireable but not essential that the artist knows digital editing techniques.  There are a number of special themes we wish to develop.  We know you have much to offer in variety of style and theme.  Interested in seeing your work published in durable, dimensional, high quality formats?  Let me get to know you and your work and I think you will be delighted with the results!

 Hi I'm Ray

I'm Ray.  I do most of the computer work.  My son and I try to share all tasks so we can cover for each other whenever necessary.

I'm Ray too!  I do most of the actual sandblasting, quality control and shipping.